Coffee Time coming in March

Coffee Time!

Conaway Geomatics was formed around the people who make up our team, the people we serve and the community we live in. Simply said, our founding partners knew that without people we would not grow so they created a culture around that concept. In our front lobby sits a glass cylinder full of rocks, gravel,…

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Team Work!

At Conaway Geomatics we deeply believe in teamwork.  Our field crew will be completing an as-built survey this evening so the office team pitched in to ensure the equipment is ready for them. It is a strange time right now but that doesn’t stop us from supporting each other. As a team, Conaway Geomatics will…

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Happy 4th of July

This will be our 2nd time as a business, celebrating the 4th of July.  While this 4th of July does not look like last years, the Conaway Geomatics team didn’t want this year’s holiday to slip away silently.  Over the week we took a few minutes to snap some special pictures to share with you.  During our first…

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