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How We Do It

Core Competencies

The quality of our work product is a core value at Conaway Geomatics that is ingrained in our culture. Over the last several years our founding partners worked diligently to develop and implement a robust process which requires a “second set of eyes” review on all products.

Our focus is so strong that we have a dedicated Executive Vice President who oversees our quality process, staff training, procedures and ensures final products meet the company’s high standards.

Our Project Methodology

At Conaway Geomatics, we have developed a proven four-phase methodology to ensure the efficient and effective delivery of your projects. This approach allows us to optimize quality, scheduling, budget, and safety.

Information Gathering

Our team partners with you to gather the project details and requirements. This phase is key in assisting our clients to identify any missing scope items or unnecessary services.

The Approach

Next, we work closely with your team to develop a tailored Geomatics approach.

Project Execution

With a solid plan, we execute the project with efficiency. Throughout this phase, we maintain open communication with stakeholders to ensure transparency and alignment with project goals.

Project Delivery

Finally, we deliver the project in line with your expectations. Our commitment to quality ensures that the final deliverable meets your needs.

Working as a team

Community Involvement

At Conaway Geomatics, community involvement is more than a commitment; it’s a cornerstone of our values. We believe in giving back and fostering a strong, interconnected community. Our approach to community enrichment is built on three pillars: Education, Supporting Professional Growth, and Nurturing the AE Industry.

Education and Empowering Future Leaders

We strive to empower minds and build a foundation for the future. Conaway Geomatics actively engages with local schools, colleges, and educational institutions to inspire the next generation of surveyors and geomatics professionals.

Professional Growth and Elevating Careers

A key focus for us is fostering the growth of professionals within our field. We actively support the continuous development and advancement of individuals pursuing careers in surveying and geomatics by offering full-time employment, job shadowing, internships and mentoring.

A&E Industry and Cultivating Community

The A&E Industry is an exciting industry balanced between tradition and technology. The industry offers rapid advancement for professionals seeking a career. Our team supports the industry through education, supporting A&E scholarships, involvement in associations like American Council of Engineering Companies and California Land Surveyors Association and partnering with other A&E professionals growing the understanding of what our industry can provide.