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Who We Are

Conaway Geomatics

At Conaway Geomatics, we embody and cultivate a culture rooted in collaboration, innovation, and continuous learning.

Discover the dedicated professionals at Conaway Geomatics; we are a synergy of expertise, collaboraion, and shared dedication to innovation. Learning is engrained in our culture; we foster an atmosphere where everyone contributes knowledge and grows together.

Our Mission


Conaway Geomatics provides clients with forward-thinking professionals bridging the gap between traditional surveys and technology.

Our commitment to excellence and innovation sets us apart. We understand that in today’s fast-paced world, geomatic solutions require a blend of time-tested surveying practices and state-of-the-art technology. This unique combination allows us to deliver unparalleled results to our clients.

Our Vision


To recruit, educate, and mentor geomatic professionals to achieve their goals.

At Conaway Geomatics, our vision extends far beyond the confines of our projects. We believe in nurturing the next generation of geomatic experts. Through our recruitment, education, and mentoring programs, we are shaping the future of the geomatic industry.

Our Leadership

Shannon Conway

co-founder & CEO

Shannon Conaway

Shannon, as CEO of Conaway Geomatics, envisions a pioneering geomatic leader that supports its members, fosters leadership, and collaborates seamlessly with clients. Beginning his surveying journey in 1986 with the California Army National Guard, he holds a Bachelor of Science in Surveying Engineering since 1966 and a Calironia Professional Land Surveyory license since 1999.

Boasting over 29 years of progressive expertise, Shannon excels in managing extensive infrastructure surveying, mapping, and GIS projects throughout California. His diverse clientele spans pubic utiltiies, water utilities, transportation agencies, government bodies, and municipalities, oil and gas enterprises, and private development ventures.

Shannon’s career hallmark is a steadfast focus on understanding clients’ project objectives, skillful team assembly, and delivering geomatic solutions that optimize projects in terms of budget, schedule, quality, and safety. This commitment to tailored excellence has earned his teams recognition as trusted advisors from multiple clients.

Cosette Conaway

co-founder & CFO

Cosette Conaway

Cosette, a Co-Founder and Chief Financial Officer at Conaway Geomatics, drives the company’s financial stability and operational efficiency. With a vision to align processes with the company’s goals, she champions documented procedures that elevate the team, support the A&E industry, and foster collaboration with clients.

Transitioning from a career in the medical industry in 2007, Cosette pursued a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a Finance concentration from California State University, Sacramento. Her tenure at PG&E honed her expertise in leadership, project mangement, governance, risk management, and business finance. Subsequently, her role at SoCalGas deepened her understanding of the California utility landscape, integrating outreach and communication skills.

Before co-founding Conaway Geomatics, Cosette led revenue offices at two Southern California geomatic firms, overseeing a substantial $8 million portfolio. Her adeptness in proposal management, marking strategies boosting win ratios by over fifty percent, staff development, and business risk management underscores her professional repertoire. Beyond her inherent passion for land surveying, Cosette’s dedication lies in fostering a company culture where teams thrive with the requisite toosl for success – an aspiration fueled by her intimate connection with the surveying domain through marriage.

Craig Wilson

Survey Manager

Craig Wilson

With a distinguished career spanning over 34 years, Craig brings an extensive wealth of expertise to Conaway Geomatics, particularly in the realms of vertical construction, roadway development, airport expansions, large pipeline ventures, and railroad projects. Holding licensure as a land Surveyor in five states, Craig possesses specialized certifications for water and highways in two of these jurisdictions.

Craig’s professional journey commenced in the field, where he player a pivital role in supporting expansive vertical and roadway construction projects. Over the last 15 years, his trajectory has transitioned to the office, where he serves as a licensed surveyor contributing to the success of large-scale infrastructure endeavors.

Craig’s diverse clientele underscores the breadth of his influence, including federak agencies, transportation entities, state agencies, local municipalities, utilities, and railroad agencies. His impact is felt across a vast geographical expanse, with projects extended in California, Nevada, Texas, Arizona, and Utah. Craig’s commitment to excellence and his ability to navigate complex projects positions him as an invaluable asset with the geomatics landscape.