Geospatial Services

Conaway Geomatics offers a comprehensive assortment of land surveying and geographical information systems (GIS) services focused on meeting clients project goals and objectives. Our team of experts are experienced in traditional and adaptive geospatial solutions brining a depth of knowledge to any project or project team. These services include but are not limited to;

  • Boundary Surveys
  • ALTA Surveys
  • As Built Surveys
  • Basemapping
  • Digital Terrain Modeling
  • Topographic Mapping
  • UAV/UAS Mapping
  • QA Surveys
  • Geodetic Control
  • Legal Descriptions
  • CADD Drafting
  • Exhibits
  • Utility Research and Mapping
  • GIS Applications
  • Terrestrial/Mobile/Aerial LiDAR
  • Right of Way Engineering
  • GIS Mapping

Professional Consulting

We understand that not all projects are created equally, that is why our company provides geospatial consulting services. Our geospatial experts assist clients to identify program/project requirements, develop workflows and procedures than assist with implementation and training (if applicable); delivering an adaptive solution focused on providing top notch results. We can’t wait to see how these services could improve your projects quality, safety, schedule or cost;

  • Program Management
  • Geospatial System Analysis
  • Procedure Documentation
  • Process Development
  • Workflow Mapping
  • GIS Consulting
  • CADD Training and Consulting
  • Staff Augmentation


The quality of our work product is a core value at Conaway Geomatics that is ingrained in our culture. Over the last several years our founding partners worked diligently to develop and implement a robust process which requires a “second set of eyes” review on all products. Our focus is so strong that we have a dedicated Executive Vice President who oversees our quality process, staff training, procedures and ensures final products meet the company’s high standards.

Our Project Methodology

Conaway Geomatics utilizes a proven four-phase methodology to deliver projects in the most efficient and effective manner possible. This approach allows for optimization of quality, scheduling, budget, and safety.

Conaway Geomatics Methodology of requirements through delivery