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The Conaway Geomatics team extends our heartfelt congratulations to Jorge Villasenor, who passed his Naturalization Test last weekend and has officially become a United States citizen after a decade as a permanent resident. On Monday, Jorge shared his excitement with the office, and I had the opportunity to sit down with him to discuss his experience.

What inspired you to pursue U.S. citizenship?

Jorge has been a permanent resident since he was 13 years old. He explained that several factors motivated his decision to pursue citizenship. Firstly, he wanted to avoid the hassle of renewing his Permanent Resident card every 10 years. Secondly, his plans to marry and bring his fiancé to the U.S. further encouraged him. Lastly, Jorge expressed his intention to settle permanently in Orange County, where he works and lives full-time.

What was your journey to receiving your citizenship like?

Jorge began the naturalization process just five months ago by applying online through USCIS. Given his long-standing green card status and residency in the U.S., he found the application, background check, and the Interview & Civics test surprisingly straightforward. However, he noted significant delays in scheduling and lengthy waits between procedural steps as challenges during the process. He is currently applying to get his U.S. passport which is tangible proof of the achievement he made.

What are your plans now that you have achieved U.S. citizenship?

Jorge responded, “Now that I’ve attained U.S. citizenship, I envision a more stable future here. This milestone simplifies crucial aspects of my life. Firstly, it accelerates the process of bringing my fiancé to the United States, enabling us to begin our life together sooner. Secondly, citizenship grants me the privilege and responsibility of participating fully in our democratic process through voting in local, state, and federal elections. Lastly, I no longer need to worry about changes in immigration policies affecting my residency, offering me peace of mind and a true sense of permanence in the U.S.”

Jorge’s journey to citizenship reflects his determination and the significance of this achievement in shaping his future in the United States. Jorge joined Conaway Geomatics as an intern three years ago and has since grown into our Field Coordinator position. We are excited to see his continued growth and contributions at Conaway Geomatics and elsewhere.