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Conaway Geomatics is thrilled to celebrate the successful completion of our contributions to the K-Line project, formerly known as the Crenshaw North LAX Extension. Partnering with Los Angeles Metro and subcontracting to WSP, our team provided indispensable land surveying and GIS services that played a pivotal role in the project’s accomplishment.

Our commitment to excellence and comprehensive approach ensured that every aspect of the project received meticulous attention and expertise. Here’s how our diverse range of geomatics services contributed to the project’s success:

Records Research: Through thorough records research, we laid the groundwork for accurate planning and execution. Our team delved deep into historical data to provide valuable insights into the project area’s past, facilitating informed decision-making.

Record Right of Way Mapping: Creating precise right-of-way maps was essential for ensuring compliance and minimizing conflicts. Leveraging advanced mapping technologies and adherence to stringent standards, we delivered accurate and detailed maps that guided the project seamlessly through various regulatory processes.

Topographic Mapping: Detailed topographic mapping was crucial for understanding the terrain and optimizing design and construction activities. Our expertise in capturing intricate landscape details enabled efficient planning and execution, mitigating potential challenges during implementation.

Geodetic Control: Establishing reliable geodetic control points laid the foundation for precise spatial referencing throughout the project. By adhering to Caltrans and LA Metro standards, we ensured consistency and accuracy across the 16-mile alignment and associated areas, enhancing overall project efficiency and reliability.

K-Line North Extension

Our collaboration with project stakeholders, including Los Angeles Metro and WSP, exemplified synergy and dedication, resulting in a successful outcome that benefits the community and enhances transportation infrastructure in the region.

We were honored to have Cecily Way from WSP share her thoughts about our work

“Conaway Geomatics have been great partners for the K Line Northern Extension Project. The team is always responsive and delivers high quality work. When project needs evolve, I know I can rely on the Conaway Geomatics team to work with me and come up with creative solutions.”

Cecily Way, PE, AICP, PMP | WSP