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Conaway Geomatics is proud to have played a crucial role in the development of the four-mile side extension rail project in Oxnard, California. Our team provided comprehensive design surveys and Right of Way (ROW) surveys, ensuring the successful planning and execution of this vital infrastructure project.

  • Design Surveys:
    • Conducted detailed topographic surveys to map the terrain accurately.
    • Collected precise data to inform the design of the rail extension, ensuring it met all engineering and safety standards.
    • Utilized advanced surveying technology to capture high-resolution data, facilitating effective project planning and minimizing potential issues during construction.
  • Right of Way Surveys:
    • Performed comprehensive ROW surveys to establish the boundaries of the land required for the rail extension.
    • Worked closely with local authorities and landowners to identify and document existing property lines and easements.

Complex Terrain: The diverse topography of the project area required meticulous planning and precise measurements to ensure the accuracy of the surveys. Our experienced team employed state-of-the-art equipment to overcome these challenges, providing reliable data for the design and construction phases.

The completion of the four-mile side extension rail in Oxnard is expected to have a significant positive impact on the community. This project will enhance local transportation infrastructure, reduce traffic congestion, and provide more efficient transit options freight and commuter rail.

We were honored to have Marc Canas and Jacqueline Patterson from Zephyr Rail share their thoughts about our work.

“At Zephyr Rail, our partnership with Conaway Geomatics extends beyond their status as a Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise. We consistently choose them for their unparalleled professionalism, responsiveness, and commitment to delivering quality results. They approach each project with honesty and cost-effectiveness, ensuring that our land surveying needs are met with the highest standards of excellence. Their dedication to their craft and their clients sets them apart, making them not just a contractor but a valued partner in our endeavors.”

Marc Canas, GISP and Jacqueline Patterson, PE, CMM, QSP-D | Zephyr Rail